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CellGen Anti Ageing Center under the supervision of Dr. Mrs. Varsha Nikhil Baste, is a well-established and world-class facility having a complete set up of nursing home, endoscopy & State of Art lab. Alongside Pushpa Fertility Center for human reproduction started from 2002 giving world class services like IVI/IVF/ICSI/All gamet freezing facilities etc. Adult homologous stem cell therapies started as an adjuvant to difficult cases of Infertility like male infertility, Repeated IVF Failures or repeated implantation failures, thin endometrium or partial Ashermann’s syndrome. Along with Infertility cases, the CellGen anti-aging Center offers adult stem cell treatments for No Hope disorders like Auto immune diseases, orthopaedic & Neurological diseases & various Cosmetic therapies for beautification. CellGen Anti Ageing center is first in western part of India offering SCTs with assured results. The launch of 1st cosmetology stem cell treatment machine in India is done recently to add beautification with sophistication. Thus, this center offers complete Anti Ageing treatments along with cosmetic face treatments which are non-invasive, harmless without side effects.

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Dr. Varsha Nikhil Baste

CEO & Founder of CellGen Anti Ageing Center

Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Infertility Specialist Dr. Mrs. Varsha Nikhil Baste besides being Founder and CEO of CellGen Anti Ageing Center is a renowned gynaecologist, obstetrician & Infertility specialist practising since 25 years having her own set up of nursing home, endoscopy and state of Art lab. She is also a member of Stem Cell Society of India (SSI).

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CellGen Procedure of Treatment:

CELL Gen stem cell therapy is mainly five step simple procedures as discussed below:

  • Pre-examination – Condition of the disease is examined by few radiological and pathological tests. Based on which further treatment will be decided.
  • Sample source extraction – Cell therapy is performed using patients own autologous cells, which begins with sample extraction. Using advanced technologies and globally accepted medical standards, the source extraction is done either from – bone marrow or adipose tissue.
  • Lab processing – Once the sample is extracted, it goes under processing, quality testing and quantity of stem cells yielded.
  • Stem cell implantation – After retrieving stem cells, they are implanted in to the patient at the area to be treated. For which various techniques are being used based on the disease condition.
  • Post treatment care – Usually patients are relieved from the hospital after few hours of the treatment however in certain cases doctor’s observation is required for a day or two.

Services Offered

We have expertise for major sectors that are mentioned above. For detailed list of services that we provide, click here.

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